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Our vision of dental care abroad

Excellence or nothing

Bucarest clinic

  • n°1 on 429 clinics in Romania according to GCR (independent organization)
  • GCR accrediation
  • Score from patients : 4,5 on 5
  • Dentist qualified with 10 years of experience in UK.
  • Official dental care provider of the UK embassy in Bucarest

Budapest clinic

  • n°4 on 475 clinics in Hungary according to GCR
  • GCR accrediation
  • Score from patients 4,5 sur 5
  • Experience of +25 years
  • 1 Dental practice in London
  • Our 15 Dentists also regularly work in London

High-end materials

implant dentaire taille automatisée CNC

  • Same international brands as in UK, France and Belgium
  • Life guarantee on implants
  • 5 Years guarantee on crowns


SatisfactionTourisme dentaire femme souriante 2

  • Video testimonials of our patients on request
  • Patient reviews on
    • Facebook and
    • Google

Our unique added value

  • Independant quality control
  • All-inclusive packages (Dental care, airport transfer, accommodation)
  • Choice among our 3 clinics


Price ComparisonPrix implant dentaire Roumanie

Clinics 2 hours away from Brussels or Lille

How to

3 steps for dental implants abroad

We know that going abroad for dental treatment is not an easy decision, this is why we spend a lot of time with each patient, So that he/she has all the information needed to take the right decision.

    Cheaper Dental care abroad

    implant dentaire explication prix bas sans réduire la qualité

    Price of complex dental care such as prothesis and dental implant is mainly related to price of labor, taxes and operation costs of the clinic. Those represent the biggest part of the price of dental implants, whereas the material costs (the implant) only represents 10% to 20% of the total bill.

    Actually the manufacturing cost of one dental implant is about 30€, then it is sold to the dentists for about 150€ and the cost for the patient is then much higher than that : about 750€ for the implant alone. This explains why the same dental implant can be much cheaper in a country where the wages and taxes are lower. As an example, a dentist in Romania will make in average 1200€ per month in comparison to a dentist in UK or France can make about 7000€ per month.

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